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Robert's Mendocino Ketchup 12 oz.

Price: $14.95
O.K. so, Robert was an orphan. Yeah, yeah no violins. And, during the 1950s, children without parents lived in Orphanages.'' Often, the food in these fine establishments came by way of being donated i.e., unable to sell to the public, past expiration date. Well, one of the many horrid little memories that stuck with him was the taste of the ketchup (yechhhh!) that came from these huge expired containers. (Its got to be reeeally old, for ketchup to go bad!) Needless to say, Robert has never been very fond of ketchup. Soooo he came up with the idea of creating a Ketchup that would taste better than any other in the world (so that he would have something that he could stand to put on a hotdog or a hamburger. He gave some to the neighbors. Pretty soon, the neighbors came back asking for some more! Said they didnt like the stuff in the store anymore (and neither did their kids!) Next thing you know, everybody was bugging him to put it in the shop so he did. Now, its become so popular, its threatening to become its own company! Please Note: Use just a third of what you normally would; a little goes a long way. (It tastes the way they used to make it a hundred years ago.) And, heres a little secret: Put a little of Robert''s Ketchup into pasta sauce!
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